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Transportation (Bike, Bus, Drop-Off, Pedestrian)

Bus Transportation

Image Transportation Application



Sierra Vista Bus Route



When walking to and from school, all pedestrians must use crosswalks and observe safe walking practices. Students and family members must cross at designated crossing points and always adhere to the instructions of the crossing guards. On their way to and from school, students need to be respectful of other people's property.



Bike Riders

Students in Grades 4th - 6th are permitted to ride bicycles to school. Students who ride the bus or attend after school programs such as daycare or Think Together are not allowed to ride bicycles to school. Please click here to read the rules and requirements for obtaining a bicycle permit. A permit must be signed by both the parent/guardian and student, then returned to the school office for approval. Permits may be picked up in the school office or printed online using the link above. Once approved the student will be permitted to ride his/her bicycle to school. Please be aware that any violation of the bicycle safety rules may result in losing the privilege to ride a bike to school. 

Drop-off and Pick-Up

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Rules

  • Please help Sierra Vista teachers and staff load vehicles quickly by asking your student(s) remain in the waiting area, to watch for their cars, and listen for their name to be called.
  • Please be understanding that teachers and staff are doing their best to load cars as quickly as possible.
  • All drop-off and pick-up locations (14th Street and 2nd Avenue) are RIGHT TURN ONLY when entering and exiting. 
  • Upland PD will be monitoring and issuing citations for making left turns in and out of these areas. Signs are posted in these areas.
  • Main parking lot drop-off / pick-up Grades TK - 2nd. Older students may be stay with their younger siblings. 
  • 2nd Avenue drop-off / pick-up Grades 3rd - 6th
  • Students and parents please follow the teachers' directions while unloading and loading vehicles.
  • DO NOT park your car if you are in the drop-off or pick-up lane. YOU MUST REMAIN IN YOUR CAR AT ALL TIMES. 
  • Parents who want to walk their student up to the school, or meet them at the front gate (TK - 2nd only) may park in the spaces before the drop-off / pick-up lane.
  • Parents may park on 2nd Avenue and meet their 3rd - 6th grade student at the gate. Students are only allowed to cross 2nd Avenue unattended at the crosswalk. 
  • Do not stop or park in crosswalks
  • Please report any drivers to the school office who are endangering students by blocking crosswalks, speeding, or any other dangerous activity. 

 Arrival and Dismissal Map

Image Arrival and Dismissal Map